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Messages from our Parents!

"My husband and I visited over ten schools and literally created a spreadsheet with various requirements from education, location, facility condition and cleanliness, staffing and even the "surprise" far this was the only school that we "felt" like home. The teachers are just so caring, nurturing and sweet! My children (and one being a very tough one) literally run to go to school and hug their teachers. They go in the morning with a smile, and they leave (very late almost at 6pm) with another smile. Having my children happy, safe and well taken care of while also enjoying the best comfort a parent can ever have. Superior education skills can be easily taught and learned, but the feeling of "family and home" at a not easily found. I am proud to have all my three kids be part of this school and community! We love WMMS!"

-Legne M. 

"I am surprised to be the first to review, being that this school is GOLD.  I feel so much love for WMM, so this is going to be a long review.  My partner and I toured SO MANY schools, big and small, near and far, Montessori, Reggio Emilio, Creative Curriculum, etc. you name it, and WMM was way above the rest by a large margin.  It was not only the most beautiful environment, but also the cleanest, calmest and most welcoming. It is magical and I am not exaggerating. I have read Montessori's 'The Absorbent Mind' and I felt that it was the one most in line with her teachings. The director of the school, Ms. Emily is on another level of human being, I don't know how she does it; she is a warm, kind, detailed, hardworking and flexible individual. (You can also tell she has a great eye for aesthetics and creating an ambience, from the moment you walk in the door.)  She immediately made us feel at ease after that first visit. She radiates a serenity that reflects throughout her school.  I wanted IN immediately, but there was a small waitlist, so we enrolled our daughter at another Montessori that paled in comparison, where after the first week she cried every day.  It was heartbreaking and I took her out promptly.  Thankfully, the heavens opened, and I received that email from Ms. Emily.   It is true when I say that there was no adjustment period, my daughter went from not wanting to go to school, to asking to go to school, to seeing the building and clapping her hands with joy."

-Giselle S. 

"This school is so amazing!!! My son started this summer, and we couldn't be happier with the love and care that he is receiving at WMMLA. The teachers are so welcoming. They always greet us with a big smile and take the time to ask about our morning and notice details about my son. His teacher Ms. Lily is really phenomenal too. You can tell she loves what she does, and she always takes the time at dismissal to tell me about his day or something new he is doing. As a parent, I literally leave feeling so confident that my child is well taken care of. And communication has been awesome for this nervous mom! I receive pictures of my son learning and playing. If I message the director, Ms. Emily, she always responds with little messages about his eating or his sleeping or activities to let me know how he is doing. As a first-time mom, this school has made this transition for my son and me so easy and just such a wonderful one. I am super grateful to have found this school!!!"

-Jessica E.

"It's been 4 wonderful years of being a part of this amazing school. My daughter's home away from home. I'm truly grateful for the love, care, and education provided by all the teachers and staff. They are a huge part of my daughter's life and growth in all areas. I can't thank them enough for everything and don't know what we are going to do without them next year as she continues her educational journey in kindergarten. Many thanks and blessings from the Medina family. We will be back in a year for baby sister!"

-Yaglin M. 

"WMM is truly an amazing Montessori school with great teachers. This school and staff have made me, and my family feel comfortable and welcome. My child has shown significant improvements in reading, math, behavior and many other things. I am grateful for Emily and all her staff for the dedication they show to all the children in this school. I hope that they can expand this school to be able to have my child complete elementary in this wonderful environment. Thank you for all that you do. You are all VERY appreciated. God bless!"

-Cristina C. 

"After much research to many preschools of all kinds, as difficult as it was during this pandemic, I was happy to come across this Gem of a school! I was skeptical at first after being disappointed by a few tours as well as overwhelmed, however, the moment my husband and I walked inside, we both immediately glanced at each other amazed by how wonderfully welcoming it was. My initial amazement was its cleanliness and it smelled so wonderful! As a first time parent, this school met all of our needs. We enrolled our daughter at 19 months old and she adjusted within 3 days, with barely a tear! She now runs to the door and doesn't even look back. Ms. Emily is the director and the first person we met during the tour. She has the kindest eyes! She was welcoming and very thorough. She has done an incredible job and should be proud. My daughters teachers are Ms. Lili And Ms. Marta. Both of these wonderful and patient ladies greet us every day with a huge smile eager to see our girl! It's so much appreciated!! I've had brief interactions with other teachers between picking up and dropping off and Ms. Milly is a doll!!  Despite COVID restrictions, such as social distancing amongst parents and not being able to attend typical holiday gatherings, you still get the family environment! I've encountered a few parents. and everyone is kind and patient with one another! I look forward to watching our girl grow and thrive! Thank you to all the wonderful teachers!!"

-Ashley M. 


"The best place you can have your child in! I would recommend West Miami Montessori 100% to anyone. Fantastic teachers that take amazing care of my daughter!"

-Melinda M. 

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